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A really gross person who needs to take a shower.
Also a liar and cheater.
Bryan McGuigan is a scumbag to the extreme.
by REALCLUTCHH May 03, 2009
Someone who has surpassed the levels of Jerk, Asshole, Douche-bag and Motherfucker.
Wears baseball caps sideways, spouts meaningless bullshit at everyone, claims he has 'swag', and sleeps with nearly everybody's girlfriend.
Usually has greatly reduced intelligence, and is almost always a hypocrite.
The best ways to deal with a scumbag are:
A: Beat the shit out of him.
B: Make fun of him until he cries, or loses his temper.
C: Say something highly intelligent, forcing him to say something incredibly stupid.
Scumbag: Lol, I fucked your girlfriend last night, you have no sweg, lol.

Guy 1: Did you see that scumbag over there? That dick-wad is wearing his hat sideways!
Guy 2: Yep, definitely a scumbag. Better keep your girlfriend away from him.

Scumbag: Lol, ur gay, no swag, I has #Sweg, fag.
Guy: Hey, leave them alone!
Scumbag: Whatcha gonna do about it?
Guy: *says nothing*
Scumbag: Damn straight.
Guy: Really? I couldn't tell you were.
*everybody laughs*
by Theminemodder April 15, 2014
Newt Gingrich in a priest's outfit holding a bible ranting about infidelity and America First!
Dave- I hate Scumbags!

Jim-Yea, I don't think much of Newt Gingrich or other assorted Republicans either......
by Smit862 January 16, 2011
One who clips his finger nails in a public or business environment and lets the clippings fly all over the place.
Can you believe that scum bag Pat was clipping his nails at the meeting.
by Lance Mackoviac June 15, 2010
noun Slang: Vulgar.

1 .a condom.

2. a mean, despicable person.

Etymology: 20th Century: perhaps from earlier US sense: condom, from US slang,(scum = semen, + bag)
The word scumbag originally referred to a condom. Especially, a used one;
"get rid of your disgusting scumbag!", "That guy is a total scumbag!"
by vickeyrozz February 13, 2014
Scottish for police
scumbags up ahead
by MsMashed July 19, 2012
1. (n.) vulgar slang for a used condom. This nomenclature has been widely used for decades.

2. (n.) One that is disgusting, disreputable or possessing of low-life characteristics.
1. David, you've got a pile of scumbags on your night table. How about getting rid of them? The aroma is about to make me puke my guts out!

2. Did I overhear someone talking about Jessie Sue's new boyfriend? I've known him for years. He's nothing but a cock-sucking, shit-eating scumbag.
by Rick Roberson March 02, 2009