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Dirty, untended and untidy looking.
He looked very scruffy; his hair was messy, he hadn't shaved his beard and he had worn the same clothes for ages.
by Susie January 20, 2004
slang for an unusually attractive male, with slight facial hair
She couldn't take her eyes off of Scruffy.
by bluemoose November 06, 2007
A character from the animated series 'Futurama'.
"What fevered dream is this that bids to tear this company in twain?"
by Mike Lipencrantz May 22, 2005
A minor character of the television show Futurama. Is a lazy middle aged man with a mustache, baseball cap, and blue coveralls, that often refers to himself in third person.Works as the janitor/maintenance man at the Planet Express delivery company, often looks a pornographic magazines instead of cleaning or fixing things.
Person 1:Futurama was funny last night.
Person 2:Yeah, especially Scruffy.
by Rob132 October 02, 2011
The janitor.
I'm Scruffy, the janitor
by Dremora Valkynaz June 28, 2014
when a man does not have a full looking beard or mustache, but has more than a 5'o'clock shadow.
That guy is so hot! I just don't know how he always has scruffies.
by nativepride2010 July 27, 2007
The name of the default bassist in the Guitar Hero franchise, such named for his abnormal amount of hair surrounding his face.
Jeez, I didn't know Scruffy could nail the bass solo in Slow Ride!
by Dan Haase December 27, 2007

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