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From Diego..Originally Spanish (James, Jacob) but widely applied to Portuguese and Italians (and those of similar appearance). Derogatory.
She was only a Spanish General's daughter but she never let a dego by.
by KaptinKook January 01, 2011
The word 'dego' stemmed from Diego, who was Christopher Columbus' son. The actual spelling, that no one uses any longer, is D'ego. It is not derogatory, if you are educated and realize from where and why that terminology originated. It has NOTHING to do with being 'paid as the day goes.'
I am a Dego!! And PROUD of it !
by D'ego Smart One October 20, 2009
Racist slur for a person of italian heritage.
"Mussolini was a dego who ruled Italy with an iron grip, almost similar to Hitler."
by Dave January 14, 2004
Derogatory epithet that refers to individuals of Italian origin/ethnicity.
Degos. All they're good for is singing songs and eating ice cream.
by kat April 20, 2004
Very common to a dingle berry, a piece of shit that clings to your ass hair then dries and becomes a son of a bitch to remove.
Degoes where you goes.
Wife beater
Matt: Yo David, pass me that dego.
David: what's a dego?
Matt: that wife beater over there.
by thatonefrekbkid February 04, 2014
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