Michael Owen.
I see that little scrunt Owen scored for the dippers today.
by l.o.t.m. December 07, 2003
a term used to describe something cool.
That's super scrunty!
by Candace December 24, 2004
noun: a wild motherfucking animal (whom/ which sometimes displays such characteristics as grass-like spikes on its back/ and/ or beast-like qualities. verb: to scratch one's cunt. Can also be used as an adjective (i.e. "scrunty")
noun: Did you see that picture of Peter eating while he took a fucking shit on Angela's back? That's what happens when fuckin' scrunts attack! adjective: Damn! That bitch lookin' all types of crusty with that scrunty-ass little pony tail goin' all greased up on a' side a' her head! verb: Dang! She scruntin' like she got a baddd motherfucking case of herpes!!! Either that, or she fingerbangin' her own self!
by Anjalahh September 15, 2006
A scruffy cunt
Dave is such a scrunt
by shfn1921 June 18, 2015

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