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The process by which you intend to go onto youtube to look up and watch one or two videos but you end up following the links for hours and hours. You may start off on clips from American Pie and wind up on extreme cage fighting. Or you could be looking up the winter x-games and finish on competetive pingpong 2 hours later.
I'm sorry baby I meant to call you 2 hours ago but I got "YouTubed"
#preoccupied #elsewhere #nonfocused #dilussional #tranced
by R Herlan February 16, 2009
verb. past tense. The process of getting on youtube.
Hey, suckaaaa. Peep into my 10 yer-old daughter's bedroom again and yer ass is youtubed.
#youtube #verb #you #tube #process
by Santa in Tulsa June 25, 2006
To have searched for a video and then watched it using the popular site YouTube.

to YouTube, YouTube-ing

YouTubers = users of YouTube
Person: Have you seen HIM's new video?
YouTuber: Yeah.. I YouTube'd it last week.
#youtube #you #tube #videos #website
by 6Your6Face6 June 21, 2007
Previewing music on youtube before purhasing it to ensure that you actually like it.
a: you got the new kings of leon album?
b: yeah I youtubed it first to see if I liked it.
#youtube #youtubed #youtubd #youutubed #youtuubed
by Keirran November 13, 2008
A sports move caught on camera so great that it will be watched by tons of people on YouTube.
Paul Pierce attempted to steal the ball from Lebron, but Lebron pulled a sick move and totally Youtubed Pierce.
#youtubed #youutubed #yootubed #youtoobed #yotubed
by RobN672 March 10, 2009
Uploaded A Video Onto Youtube.
Dude 1: Hey, can I see that video of the fight?
Dude 2: I youtubed it about an hour ago, let me get you the link.
#youtube #videos #flv #google #video
by Freakin' Sweet! January 31, 2007
Def 1. For something be 'YouTubed', it must be made public in a way that anyone who wants to can find out about it/ see it/ watch it.

Def 2. For something to be made public.
Sally: Why the fuck did you have to make it YouTubed that I'm a virgin, that was a secret!

George: Whatever hoe.
#you tube #public #share #secret #private
by pencil January 30, 2007
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