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(n) politically correct replacement vernacular for pussy (i.e., "weak and ineffectual male" or "coward") per sex columnist Dan Savage. Based on the idea that the pussy, which can take a pounding, spit out offspring, etc., is is a far stronger organ than the scrotum.
"That lumbering jackass who called that smart, interesting guy a pussy? Total scrotum."
by communicatrix December 27, 2007
29 22
What you don't want to get stuck in the paper-shredder.
Oh noes, my scrotum!
by Yaziyo April 24, 2006
1196 480
This is the nutsack for you unedumuhcated folks.
See nutsack
My scrotum was itching like a mother so I shoved my hands down my pants and scratched until I bled.
by Falken January 16, 2003
1194 515
A small purse made from left over elbow skin. It's purpose is to hold your balls.
"If it hadn't been for my scrotum, that swift kick to the balls could have been worse"
by Alan Mclauchlan July 24, 2005
838 404
THE best word to shout out in a classroom when the teacher leaves the room.

Oh, and the skin that houses the male genitalia.
(Teacher hangs up phone) Teacher: Ok I'll be right back.
Student: SCROTUM!!!!
by Doreauxgard August 31, 2007
549 317
Scrotum, is a sack of skin,
Scrotum, it keeps you testies in,
Don't overload them or you’ll explode them.
Sing the Scrotum song.
by The Song Master July 30, 2008
350 158
its ya ball sac... "scrotum, its just a sac of skin. scrotum it holds your testis in"
person 1: "i lost my manhood"
person 2: "how"
person1: "i got kicked in the scrotum"
by lyssa :) April 16, 2006
358 228
the wrinkled pouch of skin that hangs behind the penis between the man legs holding his testis. The scrotum has a seamlike structure called a raphe that runs down the sac and continues to his anal hole, it seperates his testis from banging into each other.
My scrotum gets sweaty and smells a bit so I have to wash it.
by DeMarkest April 16, 2008
190 92