It's the thing you keep your testes in.
My scrotum ruptured!! :(
by Roderick March 16, 2006
the skin around your testicles
Sean has hairy ballsack skin, or hairy scrotum
by Kevin S. uck my penis October 26, 2006
its just another word for a hoe slash slut
there be mad scrotas at the club
by joker wifey February 15, 2009
A way to describe a flasher flashing his testicles at you.
I know officer it was strange. That crazy old man was flashing his scrotums at me.
by Alex Rosenstock May 06, 2008
2 of anything in a sack
Greg: "want anything from the store?"
Alon: "yeah, pick me up half-a-dozen eggs and a scrotum of apples"
by pixelfairy October 23, 2008
(n) politically correct replacement vernacular for pussy (i.e., "weak and ineffectual male" or "coward") per sex columnist Dan Savage. Based on the idea that the pussy, which can take a pounding, spit out offspring, etc., is is a far stronger organ than the scrotum.
"That lumbering jackass who called that smart, interesting guy a pussy? Total scrotum."
by communicatrix December 27, 2007
Another name for Mike Bodem and also a ball sack. But what's the difference?
Scott:ay scrotum come here
Clevan:say what?
Scott:we call him scrotum
Clevan:hahaha! hey scrotum, how's it hanging?
by Home slice June 12, 2005

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