A group of 2 or more teabaggers.
There was a scrotum of teabaggers outside whining about blacks and Mexicans.
by lokisdad March 21, 2010
Gentleman's purse or handbag often called a murse, often an unwanted gift from a well meaning girlfriend
Jack: hey Joe, have you seen my scrotum ?! It's got my cell phone and keys in there !
Joe: Oh you mean the man's sac Jill brought you from Italy ? No I haven't
Jill: Cut it out guys, its called a man's bag. I have it over here
Joe: Typical!
by jackandjilland joe January 08, 2012
"scotrum, scrotum its made of skin, scrotum, scrotum,its what ur balls are in...scrotum, scrotum always adjust 'em or u'll bust 'em..SCROTUM SCROTUM SCROTUM!!!!!!"
by simply me March 27, 2003
the sac of flesh wit balls between my legs.
last night jenna jameson was licking my balls just like the last 2437562983465 guys and boy was it a lovley tea party.
by g-papa May 31, 2005
An obsenitive used by small kittens.
"Oh Scrotums!"
by Matt Fletcher November 27, 2003
A type of stuffing, a delicacy in West Yorkshire.
I ate scrotum last saturday, it was delicious.
by Benjamin Archer March 28, 2007
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