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THE best word to shout out in a classroom when the teacher leaves the room.

Oh, and the skin that houses the male genitalia.
(Teacher hangs up phone) Teacher: Ok I'll be right back.
Student: SCROTUM!!!!
by Doreauxgard August 31, 2007
The act of tittyfucking a chick after giving her a Cleveland Steamer.
Stacy: "I'm hungry. I could go for a chilli dog for lunch."

Mark: "I'm there! You strip down, I'll go take some Exlax!"

Stacy: "....What?"
by Doreauxgard August 28, 2007
1. A creature invented by Strong Bad which resembles a 7-8 foot tall pig. In the game Peasant's Quest, it is necessary to kill one to make progress in the game after you take archery lessons.

2. A derrogatory term for an ugly or stupid person.
1. Kerreks are the most common way to die in Peasants Quest.

2. Person 1: (in a bar)"Oh, shit, Kerrek 10 o'clock."
Person 2: (accross the room) "God damn, you are one ugly bitch!"
by Doreauxgard August 28, 2007

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