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A type of stuffing, a delicacy in West Yorkshire.
I ate scrotum last saturday, it was delicious.
by Benjamin Archer March 28, 2007
My scroum is mt castle. I got a stinky mote around it and if any man tries to get near it, I will defend it like it was the queen of England....don'y fuck with my scrotum....damnit!!!!
Don Congdon touched my scrotum thru my pants and I knocked him out with one haymaker.....CHAAAAAA!!!!!!
by plazmo@inwave.com January 10, 2007
its yo nutsack its the thingy that makes you want pussy and where the cum is stored
i have a huge scrotum
by kev b January 03, 2006
Scrotum, or Scrotum licking, licking of the scrotum
Rayna, would you like to lick my scrotum?
by joshh January 27, 2003