The skin under a guy's dick that surrounds his balls and is quite stretchable and fun to twist and play with.
I enjoy standing in front of a mirror, spreading my legs, and watching my scrotum just hang and dangle.
by cantbetheking August 29, 2013
The area that holds your balls. Scrotums can be referred to as Brooke's.
Whoa! Check out that scrotum (or Brooke)! It's very baggy!
by kbh3 December 25, 2010
Collective noun for teabaggers
a scrotum of teabaggers

from TBogg: at, 3/20/10

Courtesy of Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-Lollipop Guild) we present a snapshot of <strike>a quantity a bunch a multitude a large crowd</strike> a scrotum of teabaggers who descended upon the Capital today...
by Tehanu March 21, 2010
Another word for raison.
There's a lot of goodness in those tiny little scrotums.
by TheProfessor1ef2es May 19, 2011
It's a wrinkly patch of skin *scrotum* and it holds my tesicles in *scrotum* it's SCROTUM!!!!!
Damn my scrotum is itchayyyy

don't you mean your balls?

No silly they're inside my scrotum
by Ayyybaybay24 August 18, 2009
the plural form of "scrotum"

In my gross anatomy class we desired to know the plural word for scrotum. We came up with this word, only to learn from the professor that it was correct. She has her PhD in reproductive physiology... I think she has some credibility!
Hey dude, were you at that scrota fest last night?

Yea man, those dudes had some hott balls.
by sassypants0913 April 30, 2013
Testicular tissue that contains balls. A wrinkled crinkled bag of skin.
Scrotum, scrotum. A wrinkly crinkly bag of skin that I keep my testes in. (Most impressive if sung).
by f*r November 10, 2013

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