mix between crotch and scrotem-
A dirty person who doesnt shower have alot of dandruff and it just a bit of wasteman
If someone does something which you find disgusting they are a bit of a scrotch
The general scratching of the crotch area

"Urghhh you dirty little scrotch"
"You little scrotchbag"
"Go shuvvv scrotch up ur scrotch hole u dirty scrotch"
"I need to have a quick scrotch"
"Stop scrotching you dirty scrotch"
by Alex Kukstas and Tepper September 05, 2008
The often unused area between a man's scrotum and butthole.
Hey girl, while your down there don't forget to lick my scrotch.
by Brian Spriggs October 19, 2005
One who scratches their crotch, often in public.
"Shut the fuck up, Scrotch!"
by Thadius Miller January 18, 2004
A girl who sleeps around. And therefore has a skanky crotch. skanky+crotch=scrotch.
"See that "scrotch" over there? She's a dirty whore!"
by Veronica Raye July 10, 2005
When someone scratches their crotch, dick or balls
Hey dude, check out that faggot scrotching.
by kevb0t_ August 05, 2016
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