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The act of scratching your crotch.
Mike: Hey man glad I could meet you at the bar, whats up?
Billy: I'm good man, you?
Mike: Ah man what the fuck are you doing?!?
Billy: What?
Mike: Why the fuck are you scrotching in the middle of the room?
by Big Cock Jones January 26, 2014
the act of a male scratching his privates.
Emma: Did you just see that?
Nathan: What?
Emma: That guy was just scrotching under his library cubby.
by coopscoop1234 December 07, 2011
A male relaxation technique, where one takes ones testicles and gently dips them in warm water, sometimes whiskey or deep heat can be added for that extra tingle
dude you never get stressed! and your sprem count in off the chart, whats your secret? a Scrotching dip once or twice a week
by breakdance1011 February 01, 2011
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