The act of mightily punching a man's balls after he has said something you (a) don't agree with or (b) find offensive. Generally it is done with a fist, but numerous other things are acceptable (i.e. foot, knee, snowball, etc.) Generally only done to people you have known for a reasonable length of time.
Logan: Sara would totally hit that!
Sara: Would not! That brings your total up to 18.
Alex: What total?
Sara: Well, I've only known him for a month or two, so I can't scrotch him yet. But when I know him well enough, he's getting it.
Alex: That's what she said.
(A scrotch ensued shortly after this.)
Scrotch is the little bit of backwash beer in the bottom of the can that has reached the temperature of your crotch, this is caused by the can resting in between your legs when sofa bound, nothing worse than warm crotch beer
i cant drink this beer its got scrotch in it, get me a cold one
by Fatbirdsdontfly March 19, 2009
An awkward or uncomfortable moment, usually followed by a long silence. First coined by an illiterate individual named Dave who was trying to read the cover of my Lee Scratch Perry box set.
"Man, that time I walked in on my grandma naked sure was scrotch"
by rudezombie December 30, 2004
When you have an itchy crotch and you need to scratch it - you can scratch your crotch. Alternativlely you can have a good 'SCROTCH'
I need a good scrotch
by Jeff September 24, 2004
~A personal problem relating to an un-releivable itch near your neather reigions.
~To scratch an itch that is near your neather regions
~MAN! I wish that I didn't have such a bad scrotch on my butt!
~Zach, stop scrotching yourself, its impolite.
by It's Me! February 19, 2004
(verb) a portmanteau word of the words "scrotum" and "scratch" (or "crotch" and "scratch"); i.e., the act of scratching one's nut sack.
At the end of the day, Jerome like to kick back in front of the tube, crack open a PBR and slip his nut-sack out the side of his tighty-whiteys to do some serious scrotching; he found that that helped alleviate the day's stresses.
by Scrotey-G September 15, 2009
To wipe one's ass with great strength.
Due to the unnatural adhesive properties of Billy's fecal mass, he was required to scrotch as to avoid the public shame of smelling like poop.
by Lower Class Brat January 09, 2009

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