Someone who desperately aspires to be considered a hacker, meanwhile possessing none of the required skills. Living in denial, these individuals will trick themselves as well as others into believing they are hackers. This type of person will use ready-coded exploits to gain unauthorized access to their target host. Script kiddies will often lie, brag, or over emphasize about their computer abilities. A common technique used by kiddies in an attempt to gain acceptance in the hacker culture is to steal source code and claim it as their own.

In general, the average script kiddie is aged 12-?? as anyone with a computer and the desire to become a hacker is capable of becoming one (script kiddie that is). While there are literally hundreds of thousands of script kiddies and wannabes out there, keep in mind that there are also a good chunk of true hackers as well, who are able to spot and exploit flaws in other people's code, write their own code, etc.. basically anyone who claims to be a hacker, isn't one. Unless of course they are asked by someone for their opinion based on their particular skill-set.

Script kiddies will use and abuse technology to get their name or childish online aliases known. ie. defacing websites through the use of shells, using publicly available exploits to compromise security, download trojans and/or viruses and "pwn" some victims, launch DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, etc.. script kiddies are generally rejected by society and possess no social skills. There are so many things to be said here, but I think that sums them up for now.
<Hacker> Man.. you call yourself a hacker? Can you even code?
<Script Kiddie> u better wathc out b4 i hack ur server
<Hacker> Good luck with that.
<Hacker> Oh really? That's why I've already contacted your ISP about your planned DDoS attack?

* Script Kiddie has quit (Quit: changing shitty underpants)

#script kiddie #lamer #hack #hacker #skid #skiddie #loser #hax #ddos
by wuls October 29, 2007
A person who downloads exploits, but does not understand or respect them.
That's just a script kiddie using Denial Of Service attacks against my shell again.
by Keith Jesus Wilcox November 01, 2001
a wannabe hacker who doesn't know any programming, doesn't read/analyze source code and scours the internet trying to find password crackers, denial of service programs, ping attacking programs, etc. so they can brag to their stoned friends how they've 'hacked' someone.
Damn script kiddiez, clicking the f****** 'Attack' button on a hacking program so he can call hisself a l3337 h4><0|2
by unfit June 18, 2004
A newbie on the internet, a wanna-be hacker or geek.

A person who writes simple scripts to perform hacks, cracks with little or no knowledge; uses downloads to gain 'status'.
In result causing damage out of lacking knowledge.

Plainly a wanna-be, might become someone with valid knowledge over time after self-study, which depends on the main intentions.
"I hacked!!"
"Get a life, you scriptkiddie."
by BelgainDSoul August 08, 2003
A wanker who thinks they know something about computers, but if you ask them where the CPU is on a motherboard, they will more than likely point to the GPU on their graphics card. Someone who think they are so "H4X". An idiot who speaks that retarded and illiterate "l33t speak".
"Oh I am such a l33t h4x0r."
by malkavier October 03, 2004
Usually lonewolves (er...lonepuppies), script kiddies 'h4x0r j00' using no knowledge of their own. Though they generally use their 'skills' *cough* for bad, they're not much to fear.
Most sugar high 13 year olds in IRC.
by Boochies August 27, 2003
An inexperienced and unskilled "hacker" (see hacker) using pre-fabricated scripts in order to break into computer networks, hence he carries just enough knowledge to be considered dangerous, should he be successful, but often is a failure.
That guy thinks he's leet? the guy couldn't program a batch file. he's a script-kiddie!!
by THE PAGAN WOLF April 27, 2003
Any loner 12-year-old going on "crakzzz" sites to download some exploit written by someone with a semblance talent. Usually the idiots who try to break in to my server via ssh or ftp. Oh, of course people have accounts with random usernames and no password!
daily output: sshd: Illegal user patrick from
sshd: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for 211-2 failed - POSSIBLE BREAKIN ATTEMPT!
Me: fucking script kiddies! I'm emailing their ISP.
by amigan February 27, 2005
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