someone who uses my programs without knowing what they are or how they work, for the purpose of compromising computer accounts and files, and for launching attacks on whole computer systems,generally used by confused,scared,little boys/girls who crave acceptance and respect and basically need to prove their "superiority" in the underground cracker/hacker community
"oh wow gruvekitty is such a script kiddie,she can't write her own programs so she uses mine and takes credit"jeez what a lamer!!!
by zanax April 01, 2007
Someone who hacks using someone elses tools, with little or no knowledge on how they work.
DownSyndrom3: Stfu, scriptkiddie."
by DownSyndrom3 April 14, 2006
A young hacker in dire need of a spanking
I found the script kiddie trying those denial of service attacks, got her account from her ISP, went to her house and spanked her good.
by Anonymous October 08, 2002
A script kiddie is someone who relies on others recycled code to hack a person/website.
- on hackforums -

Cr4ck3r666: Hi Ixn0tR3al Lets use Eachother Botnet let Deep Scan site!

Ixn0tr3al: Ya Cracker666, let use recycle code to hack ppl and websit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hacks website using recycled code*
*this is a example of a script kiddie*
"Hacked by Cr4ck3r666 & Ixn0tr3al we own"
by So** September 02, 2009
1. A script kiddie (also known as a skid or skiddie) is an unskilled hacker who breaks into computer systems by using automated tools written by others
2. Usually someone with little understanding of the underlying concept.
He is such a script kiddie, he cant even hack that account without a tool!
I agree, typical skid.
by JesseRIU March 13, 2015
An annoying little shit who thinks they can hack because they downloaded some premade hacking or DDoS'ing software from the Internet. They often speak in l33t and have an IQ lower than a bag of rocks.

Script Kiddies give actual hackers a bad name.
<Legit Hacker>: Guys! I just broke into the White House's website and replaced the homepage with a redirect to MeatSpin!

<Script Kiddie>: L0L 1 just br0k3 1nt0 my sch00L'z n3tw0rk us1n' @ h4ck1n' pr0gr4m 2 ch4ng3 my gr4d3z 2 A'z.

<Legit Hacker>: Go away! You give us, actual Hackers, a bad name.

<Script Kiddie>: L0L 1'LL DD0z j00 f4gg0t!

<Legit Hacker>: I already have your IP and have contacted your ISP to tell them about your little attack. Maybe I should contact the CIA too.

*Script Kiddie has disconnected from Chat (Reason: Ran crying to mommy)
by Some Random Guy with a Name October 02, 2014
A rank in hacking. Script Kiddies tend to use other people's programs/code for their own benifit. Sometimes they tend to claim they made the code. Although these kids can be annoying, within a few years of practise, they can become 1337 |-|4XZ0RZ. Whereas other script kiddies just go off onto their school computers and show off what they have learnt. Taking no interest in the way their so called "Hacking" works.
Ranks of Hackers:
1st. N00b
2nd. Script Kiddie
3rd. Hacker
4th. 1337 Hacker
5th. Ub3r Hacker
6th. Ub3r 1337 |-|4xZ0rR
7th. Criminal Mastermind!

Uber leet hackers have permission to use skiddish behaviour such as ddos'ing
Script Kiddie: Check out my 1337 RAT!
1337 Hacker: You didn't make that, dumb fuck..
Script Kiddie: Yeah 1 d1D!
Ub3r Hacker: Anybody can use cybergate, FO you damn skid..
Script Kiddie: You better watch out, Or Imma kill ya' with my epic Keylogger.
Ub3r 1337 |-|4xZ0rR: *ddos's skiddie off internet*
1337 hacker: lmao, that was so skiddish
Ub3r 1337 |-|4xZ0rR: Who gives a fuck ;D
by Nicked1231355 April 27, 2010
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