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Definitions vary accordingly to the amount of time spent working on the source code:

-Structured, logical text document destined to be compiled to create a piece of computer software.

-Structured text document refusing to be compiled to create a piece of computer software.

-Stupid text document refusing to be compiled to create an elusive piece of computer software.

-Why won't this fucking piece of shit compile correctly for fuck's sake.

-Text document stored on the hard drive of a computer found smashed in the street.
Bill asked me to remove those annoying bugs for the next version of Windows, but the source code is all fucked.
by James LeGroove February 06, 2004
The code which makes up a program or game; can be given to programmers to let them modify the program or make upgrades.
I sold the source code for my the game I created.
by Isi Oamen February 08, 2004
Source code is a document written by a programmer which can be compiled into a binary form. A compiler takes source code which is written in a near english form and converts it to the binary code a computer can understand.
cout << "I like coding!";
by Ben Jacobs February 05, 2004
A file containing instructions (following a particular language syntax, such as C, C++, or Perl) that define the operation of a program or part of a program. Usually written in text, these files must be compiled/linked or interpreted by separate tools in order to produce an actual functioning program.
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
printf("Hello, world!\n");
return 0;
by retro January 22, 2004
The skeleton of a web site. Only cool nerd types can wield this mighty sword of justice.
I copy pasted the source code up his fat ass
by larstait October 13, 2003
The code that makes up a computer program. Many programs are "open source" which means the source code is free for anyone to use
Here's my program, and the source code is included. Enjoy.
by Mike February 07, 2004
The uncompiled words and symbols that go into making a program or web site.
The source code for his website was all messy, you couldn't even find his image tags.
by Justin February 05, 2004
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