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An idiot 12 year old kid with no social life that runs around in a Jedi outfit and uses some prewritten programs to h4xx0r his school, gets caught printing shit on their network, and is rudely awakened to the fact that this is what he is and he is not under any circumstance a real hacker/cracker at all and should die a horrible flaming death. If you want to meet some script kiddies go to www.illegalworld.com and look in their forum, the whole place is full of em. If your a script kiddie and want to see what real hackers do www.phrack.org is a good place to start.
Wmuhahahahaha now I have all A's in Engrish! WTF? THEY CATCHED MEE?!>!>!:"L"LJ!@:L?????? -dies a horrible flaming death-
by -=-X-=- August 09, 2004

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