They were the first white power punk band, who were really just an actual punk band that went racist.
"ian stuart we're glad your dead"
Ian stuarts is the lead singer to screwdriver.
by Marcos, Mike October 02, 2006
A male porn star, or a guy who has sex often
he is a screwdriver.
A male porn star, or a guy who has sex often
by Jason Climent April 27, 2008
oh the screwdriver, my trusty screwdriver. boy this has come in handy on a few occasions....lolol! just a few.. i think not! yeah man, you can use this bitch for all types of things: ramming up bob and rikkys hair arses, protection, even doing D.I.Y around the house
a screw driver a day keeps the people who hate me and wana kick my phat arse away
by Thomas Johnson June 07, 2003
da guy durin intercourse
da retarded screwdriver fucked da bitch up da pisshole.
by hehehehehehehehhew June 22, 2005

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