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San Francisco
One of the most beautiful cities in the US and amazing for it has a soul.
I left my heart in SF...
by lois77 June 01, 2005
SF: Stupidty Factor
Acronym adjective for the description of the mental density of people (or distinct lack thereof), possibly in a covert manner to your co-workers/friends
1. There is a high high SF fault in this room.
2. The SF is so thick you can taste it.
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 04, 2005
sexually frustrated. in desperate need of nookie. WAY past the point of being horny.
"omgggggg, i haven't gotten any in TWO MONTHS i am SOOOO s.f."
#s.f. #sexually #frustrated #horny #desperate.
by KELSCULLHAAAI January 21, 2009
shit,fuck, commonly used in a awkwardly situation,a code word,which is signalledo ut to another person who knows the meaning aswell.
Mom : sally(daughter) i saw your nude photos on the computer
daughter:Oh really mom? (looks at friend and says SF)
#shit #fuck #mom #daughter #sally
by Michael jackson58 October 03, 2009
"Sexually Frustrated"
When you havent had sex in a very long time!
Girl:OMG!!my boyfriend has been away for like 4 months and ive been so SF its not even funny -_-

Guy: Damn bro, i havent seen my girl in 3 days im fkn SF!!!
#sex #frustrated #away #boyfriend #mad
by creatorofsf September 01, 2011
Sausage Fest
Woah Woah Get that sf off the screen
Dude i know right sausage fests are so gross
#sausage fest #sf #not right #sword fight #strange
by doodel November 13, 2011
being sexually frustrated but you're too embarassed to actually say sexually frustrated
wow! im so sf right now don't talk to me
#sf #sexually frustrated #sexually #frustrated #sex
by winbon August 07, 2012
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