An alcoholic drink mixing orange juice and vodka.
yea i'll take a screwdriver mixed rough.
by wizzzzzy April 07, 2011
probably the best melee weapon in the world
"Gimme all yer money."
"Or what?"
"Or we're gonna knock you out."
"Then I'll stab you with my screwdriver..."
by KiillZEmAwll August 23, 2012
When you got a girl in the jack hammer position you put in a dip it has to be copenhagen long cut you spin an stop to use her body as a spitter
last night we tried the screw driver it was awesome
by the hawk 449 May 05, 2009
Verb. To bang, or otherwise insert a penis into the vagoo in a rotational motion.
J.B.: "I would never let that guy screwdriver me"
by andross_dratch May 22, 2009
A Dj that chops and screws already chopped and screwed music making it even more creative
Screw Drivers take Dj Screws innovative style, and push it even further than before.
by SamuraiChamploo486 September 12, 2005
A white supremesist that often follows the Ku Klux Klan to rallies.
The mother fuckin screw drivers were all out at the KKK rally this weekend
by Pearl Tongue June 06, 2003
Someone is a nutcase behind the wheel, usually drives a white van, or powerful rear wheel drive car.
"Bill your a fucking screw driver!"
"we wanted a driver, not a SCREW DRIVER"
by Bill May 10, 2006

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