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Australian term used to refer to an elderly suburban man, in his late 40s, to mid 50s, possibly retired, who is usually rather quiet, grey around the edges and a good friend to have.

Also, a less used expression meaning "You will burn in hell you are the devil I will eat your children go home sunshine!"
"Let's invite that Morrison bloke to the barbie, Roz."

by Dylan Hewson August 11, 2005
Morrisons is a supermarket chain in the UK. It used to be called Safeway. Their slogan is "More reasons to shop at Morrisons" They're colour scheme is yellow(Safeways was red).
Lets all get our shopping from Morrisons
by Geon106 December 03, 2006
A Supermarket Chain, Mostly found in Yorkshire
'Lets all go down to Morrisons and get some grub'
by Vicksy July 03, 2006
A Canadian term to describe when a person capitalizes on the incompetence of their friend who has been making advances towards someone but is too incompetent to realize that their target wants to fuck.
Last night Sean was talking to a woman, he walked away after she was looking to leave so I Morrisoned her away.
by Dchuk May 29, 2013
the home of many legends such as elon,kliffard,fish,rob,wayne,the morrisons worker formly known as crazy jack and stutley
in letchworth
by Stutley August 19, 2003
Ugly two-faced skank bitch who can't take a joke and whines about every single thing.
"Get out of the car, Morrison!"
by Marcescent October 18, 2011
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