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to be killed, murdered or whacked by someone or something. usually on purpose.
craig: hello? Ray Ray? this is craig
ray ray: hey criag whats up
craig:hey is charlie there?
ray ray: naw man, you havent heard? charlie got scragged by Lil Rocko last night!
craig: WHAT?!?!?!?! man...i just saw him yesterday
by Low Clef May 17, 2004
the state of being
a) disgruntled, upset
b) messed up, sloppy
c) frazzled, incredibly stressed out
1. My boyfriend has moved out, my dog bit me on the leg, and my potted plant just died. I am too scragged to move.

2. I got caught in a rainstorm the other day, and I looked like a scragged little puppy.

3. I am so scragged for finals week-- not only do I have to create a realistic life-size model of an 18th century battleship for my Western Civ. course, but I have to bake a cake the size and shape of lake Myvatn.
by Elspeth Walker October 04, 2007
Past tense of scrag. To attack someone physically. Often used in the United Kingdom to mean playful fighting.
"I think it's time we scragged Cr4k, Wizzo!"
by Red Ken March 03, 2006
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