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Extremely muscular or buff.
Craig: yo Ray Ray have you seen Trey lately?
Ray: yeah he's been hittin the weights hasn't he?
Craig: yeah he's swole dawg
by Low Clef April 14, 2004
to be killed, murdered or whacked by someone or something. usually on purpose.
craig: hello? Ray Ray? this is craig
ray ray: hey criag whats up
craig:hey is charlie there?
ray ray: naw man, you havent heard? charlie got scragged by Lil Rocko last night!
craig: WHAT?!?!?!?! man...i just saw him yesterday
by Low Clef May 17, 2004
the deepest most truest form of "fo real" in existance besides the additon of the snoop dogg inspired "izzils" and "izzos."
Craig:yo eddie dropped that fool so fast if you wanted to see it again you would need slow-mo to see it again
Ray Ray:forilla
by Low Clef April 14, 2004
a combination of God and damn used togeather as a form of exclaimation or as an adjective to describe the extent of hatred of something.
1. Craig: yo check out that tank!
Ray Ray: you know i could blow up the whole goddamn world with that

2. Craig: hey Ray Ray what did the five fingers say to the face?
Ray Ray: what?
Craig: SLAP!!!
by Low Clef April 15, 2004
to fall in an embarrassing manner
dude that guy was up in the air and it looked like he was gonna land that 540 but he beefed.
by Low Clef April 12, 2004
a male who has all female friends and seems to be but is not clearly gay.
Bill: why doesnt barry hang out with guys
Rob: because he's a friend
Bill: really? i kind of thought so
by Low Clef April 12, 2004
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