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1. A girl of mediocre looks with loose morals and a penchant for cheap liquor. A girl that becomes a prime target after a long night of drinking and previous hookup failures.

2. A girl that will try to play hard to get, but after a double vodka soda will ask where you live.

3. A girl that enjoys spending the night at the fraternity house.

4. One of the typical girls that attend USC (University of Scrag Central) and frequently visits the 9-0 bar on Figueroa St. She and her friends (because scrags work in packs in the hopes of combining their individual haggard looks into some semblance of collective beauty)can be quite irritating and self absorbed despite their futile, albeit libation-induced attempts at normal conversation and their overwhelmingly pungent fragrances designed to mask the fetid miasma of decay freely emanating from their gaping hatchetwound of a vaginas.

5. A girl down to get flatbacked 6-deep by any guy that is not horribly maimed, severly retarded or altogether a worthless slapdick.

6. A girl that becomes increasingly more seductive and alluring with each shot of alcohol.

7. Usually preceded with phrases such as "take down," "ruthlessly slay," "gaping hatchetwound," or "my brother's girlfriend."

"God man, it's been a week or two since I've gotten laid, I need to take down and ruthlessly slay a scrag tonight"

"Well I thought Erin was a cool chick, but after I stuffed her she's nearly slept with all of those Lambda Chi douche bags and those fuck ox water polo players as well. What a scrag!"

"It's weird bro, Kappa Kappa Gamma used to be a house full of hot bitches, but in recent times they've turned into a house full of scrags just like Pi Phi's."
by DuskTillTwan August 30, 2008
1. Term used to describe the aftermath of a sexually active girl's vagina. Usually reserved for girls known to be filthy scrags, hooknose skanks, etc where the application of the term "hatchwound" preceded by the word "gaping" is the most accurate description.

2. (Origin) The term hatchet wound was first documented in early colonial America. Settlers moving West often found themselves victims of raids by the Savages aka the Iriquois, Nez Pierce, Alqonquin, etc. The Indians would capture the Settler's wives and daughters then proceed to "tribe - rape" (later to perfected by black people as "gang rape") the women. The women were then allowed to return to their settlements where the aftermath of their sexual punishment resulted in what the Frontier Men described as "gaping hatchet wounds."
"Well the hook-up was going great until I felt that gapping hatchet wound of hers, it was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway when when I stuck it in. What a scrag!"

"I would of never expected such a hatchet wound on such a cute petite chick man. You just never know these days I guess."

"Oh man! That bitch had a nasty hatchet wound of a pussy resembling elephant ears or something leathery and disheveled. Ewwww."
by DuskTillTwan August 30, 2008
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