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Guy who befriends attractive females he fancies but doesn't have the balls to ask them out.
Content to merely hang around them all the time. A sort of straight gal pal. His schweffing often alienates him from his male counterparts.
'Man, Is Paddy sitting beside Laura again today?'
'Yeah, That guy is such a schweff!'
by poy46 November 06, 2008
A Muff Diver.
ie, someone who spends 80% of his life trying to get action, even off minging fat girls, whilst completely neglecting his friends.
Teacher: "Where's paddy?"
Boy: "He's over at margarets"
Teacher. "f*cking SCHWEFF!"
by Fr Gabby November 19, 2006
a boy who disregards his friends to get with a girl but never has the balls to do anything so they end up life long friends. and nothing more.

also known as a rech.
'where did you go last night, didnt see much of you'
'i stayed at a friends'
'did you stay over at sarah's?'
'yeh but nothing happened, but i walked across the room whilst she was on skype to her boyfriend'
'you massive schweff!!'
by Ben Moat September 26, 2009
A man who chooses ho's over bro's
did u see will treadwell last night walked off from us after some yats?

Fucking Schweff
by willIam@scweffwell May 08, 2010
Someone who always flirts with the girls, a proper schweff never gets any action though
BOY ONE "goldwait is the true king schweff of the school"

BOY TWO "yeah but sarge is a proper schweff, never gets any action"
by Malvern College!!!! May 19, 2009
A guy who spends loads of time with girls and ditches his mates to be with them, but never gets any pussy.
Schweff: Yeah, Katie and I are like best friends. I think she likes me!

Schweff's Friend: Look mate, she doesn't like you as in she wants to fuck you. She likes you because you are a schweff.
by silent_deadly123 October 05, 2011