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someone that has just done something really stupid
Rob smashed another vase....he is such a nobber
by Roofromboundarymill January 19, 2004
This is the millenium entry for "nob" deriving from the terms prick, penis, cock, dick or dickhead. Personal insult directed at the candidate for acts of pure nobberism.
You absolute f***ing nobber
by Daisy December 09, 2003
Casual insult used against someone who has done something you don't like.
What did you do that for? You nobber.
by Col April 23, 2004
Oral sex given by a female to a male. Also- Nob Job, Nob Slobbin', Slobin' the Nob.
She gave me a nobber. or I just got a Nob Job.
by Me. December 07, 2002
Someone who should be backhanded for being a dick
What the fuck was the nobber playing at
by jim jimlyjimson May 25, 2007
An everyday 'error' performed to perfection and in company. Can be used as a noun "You Nobber" or as an adjective "That was a nobber thing to do".
The dropping of items often filled with a hot substance i.e. tea, coffee mugs - "You absolute nobber"

Smashing / breaking things due to awful hand to eye coordination, usually early in the morning.

Making a complete cock-up of simple everyday tasks e.g. cooking - burning / ruining dinner. "That was such a nobber mistake".
by Wazza101 January 19, 2012
a shortened version of the word 'nobhead' used in the east midlands originated from burton-on-trent
Jim: Oi, mayte. You're a fucking nobber!
by Loulamoth July 17, 2009

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