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British clothing manufacturer, founded in South Shields, best known for making waterproof and outdoor clothing, often associated with the sport of hunting.

Generally worn by rich/preppy british people, (though in recent years it has become more common amongst teens who have enough money to splash out on £200 quilted or wax jackets)

Usually described as an older more adult version of Jack Wills, or a British style of Abercrombie and Fitch
Rich Girl A: Hey darling, do you know where the nearest Barbour is in London?

Rich Girl B: Yes darling, it's on regent street, you know, the shop with the wax jackets in the window.
by blahblahnosheep December 23, 2009
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someone or something lacking of skill

That man sucks at halo because hes a barbour
by beast120 July 11, 2006

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