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To hit a chick in the face with your dick, trying to get her to suck it.
Oh shit, Brett just Schmacked Kasey. She ain't gonna take that!
by Schmackmaster February 22, 2008
When you smack someone for a legitimate reason, but social norms still see you as assaulting someone, eg, Sean Connery saying it's okay to slap women who have done wrong to him, or a recent event in Brooklyn Heights where a man slapped a parent in a Starbucks for being a bad parent.
*child running around a Starbucks*

Man 1: Hey dude, control your kid. He just knocked a coffee out of my hand.

Man 2: Bro, I'm waiting for my latte! Hold on!

Man 1: Bitch, don't get schmaked.

Man 2: shut up!

*Man 1 Delivers a Schmack on Man 2*

Barista: I'm callin the cops!
by King Pontus December 11, 2009
Schmack is equal to shit. Such as talking schmack about someone.
"You sure do talk a lot of schmack for being such a dumb ass"
by your mom March 10, 2003
An intense for of smacking someone.
"You have nice boobs" says Fred.
"Shut up before I schmack you" says the sumo wrestler.
by Lexis November 25, 2004
schmack means anything but no
"I think we should get some more." says Bill

"Schmack," replies Bob (meaning anything
but no)
by Bbob April 15, 2004
Smackdown given by anyone whose last name starts with sch
That dude Schmid just laid down some wicked schmack!
by dave27705 May 07, 2008
- What you say to a girl when you are horny and are loving that ass.
*Girrrrrrrrrrlllllllll! You are soooooooo faw-ine! Come over here and let me schmack that ass!!! Whhaaaaaaaaat! MMM-mmm!
by FineAssFloridian March 12, 2005

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