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adv. a masculine superlative noun modifer. Something agressive & powerful.
Harley-Davidson are rude neighbors: they creep through the neighborhood with engines rumbling on '11.'

Riding one though, that's a schlong ride.
by nukeUser May 28, 2006
6 16
An infamous hairstyle, also known as a mullet where the hair is cut short in the front and is left long in the back.
That hunky dude over there's hot, if he'd just lose the schlong!

The schlong is a highly practical hair-do as it keeps the hair out of the face, but still has the look of sexy long tresses from behind. It's popular with wrestlers
and women who've shirked the most basic social conventions.
by modoc May 09, 2005
5 16
A really long wet penis that is used normally for animals.
O MY GOD that monkey has a huge schlong!
by Ryan April 18, 2004
6 22
Another word for penis or cock or wang, can be used as asshole or buttmuncher, overall a very flexible, somewhat sexual word.
Robert, quit being such a schlong!
by Dean February 09, 2004
4 20
1) slang for baked potato

2) name for an ancient civilization
1) Give me a couple more schlongs

2) The aztecs were a very big schlong
by tom tom, do we bear left hear? October 14, 2007
3 25
synonymous with mullet. Basically a combination of the words 'short' and 'long' referring to the short and long hair parts that make up a mullet.
"That guy just got his schlong caught in the fan blade of his Camaro."
by Roger DeCoster September 13, 2005
4 28
A very feminine woman.
She is such a schlong lady.
by Penni January 13, 2007
5 30