Scenesters are effectivelyh people who follow any trend that has become 'cool'. For example, guys have started to wear black shirts, red ties, skinny black jeans and Converse because bands like My Chemical Romance or Green Day do. While it may be acceptable to dress preppily/smartly if you actually go to gigs, listen to non-mainstream music and actually involve yourself within a scene, scenesters just pretend to so that they can boast about their unbelievably cool state of indie or emo over everyone else.
Indie Scenester: 'Do you know about The Block Party? They're going to be HUGE, like, seriously bigger than Franz Ferdinand, but I don't like Franz anymore since they became big.'

Proper Indie Fan: 'Yeah, I saw them live back in 2003 supporting Interpol.'

Indie Scenester: 'Aren't Interpol that band that don't speak in their songs? God, instumentals speak to me in so many more ways that singing does.'

Proper Indie Fan: 'Whatever.' *Sighs*

Emo Scenester: 'OMFG I fucking LOVE MCR, they r the best band since Green Day cos the singer is SOOOOOOOOOO hot!! <3'

Both Indie Kids: 'Shut up.'

Emo: *Cries*
by Gabriel, Thee Indie December 11, 2005
scensters: people think that there kewl im dressing up all random with thing like bright colored pants, tight animal print shirts, vans and chucks or sometimes skater shoes, scarves that have no meaning, hankershifs that cover their faces like there from the bank robber days, and wear 3 different belts because one just isnt enough.

Girls: skinny jeans,
choppy hair with bangs that go across the face or over their eyes, usually black hair with random colors in it or pieces of blonde. may have lots of piercings, and wear enough make up to make them look like racoons.
Guys:usually black hair,piercings, tight jeans, band tshirt

Music: only listen to the things no one else would because there such rebels and tend to go to local shows and then brag about about it for 3 months until the next one they go to and can swing there arms around, almost punching people, and calling it hardcore dancing or moshing.

Attitude: tend to think there style is really unique when really all it is is dinosaurs, stars, hearts, guns, knives, skulls and a bunch of other things they think are soooo cute. think there the kewlest people in the world and everyone is copying them. tend to be stuck up and act like they just drank 4 red bulls and ate 50 bags of sour patch kids. tend to say things like the sex, rawr, omg, and other things they may have come up with like radzilla and scenetastic

Note: other stereotypes may fit these examples too but not as much
"OH M GEE! those vans like mine are so cute! like omg thats the sex!"

"rawr my dino i drew on my shoe is going to eat u!!! RAWWWWRRRRR!!! im so scenester!"
by Raber April 07, 2009
A (usually) young person involved in a particular underground/alternative scene based around music and bands, "in" hangouts, and partying. Usually very hierarchical according to how you dress, where you work/dj/what band you play in, what music you listen to and how obscure it is, and how well you are known by others in the "scene".
When I have 500 myspace friends, go to all the cool parties and never pay entry wherever i go, i know i'm a real scenester!
by DeathValley December 21, 2008
Someone who looks like an emo kid dipped in a vat of Tokyo.
I mean seriously, they listen to pretty awful music and they think they're the shit. Except scene girls usually look like cheap hookers (see sparkly eyeliner) and scene guys look like they could easily be girls. Additionally, both sexes seem to think it's cool and "original" to have hair that resembles mullets seen on members of Motley Crue.
Usually seen roaming the racks of Urban Outfitters, Trash and Vaudeville (New York) and Topshop.
They also read NME. But not to look at the pictures. They like actually read it... and then send in letters. I personally enjoy reading them because they think their opinion matters.
Go to your local town centre. See that loser with the brightly coloured jeans, studded belt, leopard print top and 80s hair with pink in it? Well that there's a scenester. Feel free to throw things at it.
by Elle Forrest-Woods August 28, 2008
Boy or girl usually 13 to 20 who exhibits some of the following traits:

1. Wears tight jeans, random shirts, multicolored converse or checkered shoes without laces, hoodies with zippers that are too small, vests,or any other random article of clothing which they think will make people think they are original

2. Usually kids who dont think they fit into what they call the mainstream although they may focus on certain scenes like emo, punk, pop, ska etc.genres of music

3. Usually liberal or openminded which probably made them scene in the first place

4. Usually likes, japanese things, unheard of bands, anime, dinosaurs, 80's things, multi-colored things, but most of all random things!

5. Scenesters are usually those kids who you can group together but can never really figure out what they have in common

The group I just defined is only an observation of what I have seen and heard and may differ as to what you may observe in real life. However scenesters can be grouped together and the sterotype that surrounds them may be made fun of.
I went to Bamboozled!

Lets go to hot topic.

We're going to see Echo Movement.

I love those tight jeans and those converse and that tight fitting but way too small scenester hoodie with the zipper.
by Mr. E -Man April 24, 2008
obsessed with:
narwhals (!!) keep insisting they are real.
skinny jeans
J Crew (maybe not J Crew...)
curly hair
rawr faces
lyke, forreal.
experimental film
making films about self
writing screenplays
making one's own clothes
thrift stores
is most likely a radio dj
or at least a music elitist
ties shoelaces around ankles
insists all of these characteristics are inherent

i'd say my work here is done.
Scenester J: BuT lyke, I've liked narwhals since I was like two years old!!1!!!!1!1!!!one111!!1one!!1!!

by scenesterhomey March 05, 2008
a label created by people with nothing more interesting going on in their lives than analyzing other's motives for the way they dress/listen/act.
the same people, by the way, who are always so pissed that a band they like actually makes money, and really needs to let everyone know that they listened to these guys before they were big
Person 1: God, look at her hair, what a scenester. I bet she listens to Green Day!
Person 2: Whatever, dude, I'm gonna go play some pingpong, more interesting than deciding everyone besides you is posing
by sandra dee February 05, 2008
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