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is a style that mean people like to call kids that dress a certian way
many get called"mullet head""scenney weeny" and many other degrading words
ha not really but its a annoying
people say we all dress the same but its very not true
cause if that was than gangster and billy and other style are the same
you see
many are determined by
-black hair cut in strange ways
-pants that are so tight there like really tight
-bands shirts normally in youtsizes(not many big scenes)
-lots and lots of eyeliner
-flats or shoes that they bought for 5.00$ and then painted
-you see them at many random places and venues
-they listen to many metalcore grindcore hardcore etc bands
-they will tell you there not scene
-they just might kick your ass if you call them emo
-chipped nail polish in random colors
-big bags
-white leather bealts
-underage smoking problems
-tends to drink alot
-on a street team and or band
-little girl bows and other clips in hair
-pomade shine spray hairspray peaicer and hairstraightner are a must
-many wash there hair once every 5-7 days
-cell phonessssssss
-music device
much more
you ppl like to say they are following a trend but lets face it no matter what your following a trend like or not and most of them are just like you so dont hate on us for dressing a certian way
"your se that emos hair"

"what you talking about shes "scenester"
by asrfafh November 16, 2006

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