a person who has a ring of excess flesh around the back of there head.
sean's saturn is getting bigger
by obione kenobi November 21, 2006
Best car to hook up. Light (plastic paneling) and fast (1.9 engine) = good hp to weight ratio. Doesn't dent, paint lasts longer.
my turbo saturn that cost 5,000 altogher can smoke a mustang gt thats 25,000+
by eric July 20, 2004
Best american compact car
Damn, why didnt i get that instead of my weak ass import?
by cash money July 25, 2003
1. The Roman god of the harvest. Worshipped during the winter festival of Saturnalia, starting about December 17 and lasting for seven days, it is thought to have given rise to Christmas. (Let's face it, nobody actually KNEW when Jesus was born, so they just picked a date)

2. Sixth planet from the sun, it has some bigass rings around it, bigger than any other of the planets in our solar system. Galileo called them ears.

3. An American-made car that has cheap plastic paneling and burns a lot of oil after a couple years of use. Also doesn't dent - thanks to the plastic. They are super cheap though, so you can afford to buy 3 or 4 of them; which should give you the same amount of use as one good car.

4. One of the worst selling console game systems ever, produced by SEGA. Perhaps only worse was the SEGA Dreamcast - their last effort at making a game console.
1. I am totally pumped for Saturnalia. Feasting, wine and debauchery... we still need a sacrificial victim.

2. Saturn.. uhh.. it's a great planet.

3. Jeeez pass this dumbass saturn before these fumes kill me!

4. DUDE you have a SEGA SATURN!?!? HAHAHA
by AJC April 30, 2005
The sixth planet in our solar system. The only planet with the largest planetary ring. Has a moon called Titan which is one of the few moons with an atmosphere.
by AYB April 01, 2003
The BEST Cars Around.
Whoever Says Saturn Cars Aren’t Cool Must Drive A Piece Of Crap Ford.
by Jon March 15, 2005
That other black box, 32bit, black was standard, grey was USA and linkable and white plaged VCDs. Didnt get the support from third paty developers already hurting from SEGAs other failed efforts, the SEGA CD and the 32X
by The Wiz April 01, 2003

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