One of the poorest-selling consoles in history. Made by SEGA.
The best game for the Saturn would have to be NiGHTS into Dreams.
by frodaddy March 16, 2005
urban titusvillian slang; The ring of flab that hang over a girls jeans. This usually occurs when the jeans are too tight. This is not cool !
OMG Jen, look at Kristi's saturn, i totally cant believe she is wearing those jeans !
by kwink11 December 06, 2004
hey at least its not a ford
"Hey you queef, you musta been fly funky crunk when you bought that saturn. Might as well shoot yourself you asshat."
by Some jeff kid March 26, 2003
Shitty cars made out of plastic and old radio parts.
"Hey, wanna ride in my new Saturn?"

"No thanks, I'll walk"
by asketchykid June 28, 2003
An over-priced, unreliable piece of American crap. A company that has done a masterful job marketing themselves as something different from the other crap American car manufacturers when the only thing unique about them is they clap and hand you balloons when you driver away in your over-priced, unreliable piece of crap. The antithesis of the Honda or Toyota.
Saturn Ads: A different kind of car, a different kind company.
Me: differen kind of car ya, its complete piece of shit; different kind of company, ya, the salesmen did everything but blow me when I picked the thing up.
by scott June 04, 2004
the cheapest cars made out of sheet-metal
i saw a GMC truck barely hit a saturn on the road and the back smashed in, what a peice of shit.
by saturns ghey April 27, 2005

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