Someone who will pounce if you have popcorn; someone who has popcorn running through her blood.
Person 1: If I take a bite out of you, will I taste popcorn?
Person 2: Yeah, I am a sassy after all.
by Sassy4393 August 20, 2012
Usually a boy named Cody who gives people looks and thinks he's funny
I've had it with your sassy mouth
by Giraffeeeeeeee December 25, 2011
"fuck man, i ate 9 dingers at big day out"

"woah dude, you're sassy!"
by John Thompson the 2nd January 24, 2010
When someone knows what they want and knows exactly knows how to get it
Dammm . . . . did you see D.A.N. do that. Ya that Sassy man is the shit
by D.A.N August 29, 2006
what you call a homosexual male who gives you attitude
Man the fairy was gettin sassy.
by The Dirty Hebrew July 05, 2003
To start getting tipsy or Drunk
Yo i was ma sassy last nite duriing the party
by Tizer201 June 22, 2010
def; sassy; someone who drives a hummer, but has no money, likes to ruin other people friday nights by going to 606, always wants to hang out with other people than who hes with, gets drunk off of six beers, is obsessed with his "stud" earings (which also happens to be his nickname), Is willing to drive to a previous location to get the Vitamin Water that he forgot, LOVES LOVES LOVES lil wayne, and last but not least has bottom braces only.
Friday night was a di'sass'ter

Hey sassy fix the TV!
by sassystuds March 30, 2010

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