def; sassy; someone who drives a hummer, but has no money, likes to ruin other people friday nights by going to 606, always wants to hang out with other people than who hes with, gets drunk off of six beers, is obsessed with his "stud" earings (which also happens to be his nickname), Is willing to drive to a previous location to get the Vitamin Water that he forgot, LOVES LOVES LOVES lil wayne, and last but not least has bottom braces only.
Friday night was a di'sass'ter

Hey sassy fix the TV!
by sassystuds March 30, 2010
omg guys i am not sassy, you are wrong
by me68 April 28, 2009
1. The art of being rude and angry with a combination of emotionalgestures and attitude.

2. Queen Latifa.

3. Angry and rude black women in general.
I'm so sassy, you go girl!
by GUnit February 06, 2004
the fine art of easily being able to make others feel bad, or making fun of a person for no good reason
ashley fo is so sassy
by Zane H January 22, 2007
a rude and disrespectful person
she is so sassy
that dude in the red shirt was unbelievably rude
sassiness means disrespect so
by tade January 04, 2007
When someone knows what they want and knows exactly knows how to get it
Dammm . . . . did you see D.A.N. do that. Ya that Sassy man is the shit
by D.A.N August 29, 2006
An angry black woman.
Did you meet Clara's sassy black friend Monique?
by ToastyPastry September 08, 2006

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