One who overuses sarcasm in a conversation, especially when its not funny anymore.
1: "Wow thats sooooo funny!"
2: "Geez stop having a fucking sargasm"
1: "Sorry MOM. Hahahaha!"
2: "I hope you die horribly."
by WhiteChika May 13, 2014
When one sarcastically orgasms all over someone's face.
Damn bro she just Sargasmed all over your face.
by Erocciroc April 24, 2013
Sudden torrent of laughter, brought on by comical sarcasm, whether unintentional or purposefully done.
student- "Teacher, why does school last so long?'
Teacher- "Because we, in the faculty, value our students, and aim to help them succeed, plus we just love spending time with them!"
Other faculty member then begins to suffer a sargasm, consisting of uproarious laughter, apparently from the falsity of their co-workers comment.
by Abraham Delacey May 25, 2011
While having sex with an azn or small guy, faking an orgasm so he doesnt feel bad.
I had sex with this chinese guy last night, I had the biggest sargasm,
by Madmike69 May 18, 2011
To cut it short, a fake/sarcastic orgasm, usually used during pity sex.
Lucy: I had a sargasm last night during sex with John. He didn't realise and came out smiling like a fool.
Aly: Genius.
by CrypticGirl April 17, 2011
The act of being sarcastic, while at the same time orgasming.
I'm so upset man, she sargasmed so hard last night.
by Puchow January 24, 2011
Faking an orgasm; or, pretending to enjoy said orgasm but being extremely sarcastic about it.

Derived from the words "sarcastic" and "orgasm."
Nah, it was a sargasm. He's actually terrible in bed.
by WorldOfKelso June 28, 2010

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