1. (n) A conversation which takes place between two or more people, often close acquaintances, possibly after sex, which is so awash in sarcasm that it may be utterly baffling to any passers-by who happen to be listening in.
Typical sargasm:

Dude, have you heard about that up-and-comer Meagan Fox?

Yeah, she's too fat and ugly to ever make it in showbiz, though. She better stick to those Oscar-bait indie films.

I know. I also heard she's planning on staying chaste till marriage. And she's a man.
by BIG_PAPA69 July 11, 2010
Like faking it, but obvious. Can be used during really bad intercourse, or just in daily conversation.
"Oh. Oh yeah. You're my Apollo rocket of love. God, yes. My world has been thouroughly rocked. Get off me now."
by CSteel December 02, 2004
To use sarcasm and orgasm at the same time.
"Oh yeah, that was the banging of a lifetime." "Is that what you call sargasm?" "Is that what you call sex? ZING!"
by $$$ February 21, 2004
Sarcasm that can lead to an orgasm.
He was so funny I had a sargasm.
by L Desi January 28, 2008
To come to orgasm using only sarcasm. Also, an unintentional orgasm when oneself, or others around you, exhibit an especially profound example of sarcasm.
"NICE shoes, man"
"What the FUCK was that?"
"...I need a towel..."
by GiantKillerRobots February 22, 2004
The act of sarcasm during ones sexual peak
When tim fucked his girlfriend he used sargasm by saying "Ohhhhh my god this sucks, I hate cumming on your tits"
by MBHQ July 24, 2006
A fake orgasm with a sarcastic and unfelt acknowledgement.
Christine announced her sargasm while rolling her eyes, "Oh yes, yes you are so good, oh baby you bring the woman out of me. Now get off of me you fat bastard!".
by Bat Fastard May 02, 2006

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