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The extraordinarily talented musical brilliance of Panic! at the Disco. Overwhelmingly handsome and attractive. Has a magnificent and perfect voice. Born in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada; on April 12th 1987.
''Who is the hot lead singer of Panic! at the Disco?''
''Brendon Boyd Urie''
by mo9 September 23, 2009
The lead singer from Panic! At The Disco. Usually called Brendon Urie. Currently dating Ryan Ross
Patrick- Holla.
Brendon- 'Sup, 'StumpMiester?
Patrick- 'Sup, Double-Bee-U?
Brendon- What the heck is that?
Patrick- Your initals, Brendon Boyd Urie, Double-Bee-U.
Brendon- Whateva. I'm dating Ryan Ross now.
Patrick- OMG! Ur *gay?*
Brendon- Yeah.
by Ms. Urie October 23, 2006