When one sarcastically orgasms all over someone's face.
Damn bro she just Sargasmed all over your face.
by Erocciroc April 24, 2013
(n) sarcastic remarks during or immediately following sexual acts that conclude with an orgasm or climax.
Alice rolled her eyes when Jeff finally rolled off of her, and fed him an exasperated sargasm, "Wow, that was *so* good, Jeff. I just . . . loved it when you bit my ear."
by RJ O'Dresdin V February 18, 2013
Pretending to have an orgasm during sex and then showing that you didn't climax in order to hurt the self esteem of your sexual partner.
Chick: I made you climax sooooo hard!
Dude: no you didn't, that was just a sargasm
by Nikoliah November 05, 2011
A physical reaction characterized by the involuntary spewing or release of bodily or other fluids from any body orifice triggered by hearing an extremely funny or shocking sarcastic comment or joke.
"Oh, my god! That comic tore that heckler apart. I think I peed a little!"

"Dude, you had a sargasm."
by Doctor Deep September 23, 2011
While having sex with an azn or small guy, faking an orgasm so he doesnt feel bad.
I had sex with this chinese guy last night, I had the biggest sargasm,
by Madmike69 May 18, 2011
To cut it short, a fake/sarcastic orgasm, usually used during pity sex.
Lucy: I had a sargasm last night during sex with John. He didn't realise and came out smiling like a fool.
Aly: Genius.
by CrypticGirl April 17, 2011
The act of being sarcastic, while at the same time orgasming.
I'm so upset man, she sargasmed so hard last night.
by Puchow January 24, 2011

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