one from the middle east area or of middle eastern decent.
also called camel jocky, carpet riders, jawas, and so on.
Hamid is such a sand nigger i swear he eats the sand!
by Carsolmine December 19, 2006
Edited and corrections added to that gun-totin' insular cracker, Michael Clay Smith Jrs post.

"A sand dwelling, yarmulke wearing, hooker fucking, holier than thou. terrorists of a racist hate campaign of aerial bombers of innocent women & children and buildings. They all should be killed fucking slowly! We should all do the world a favour and turn their tiny piece of shit country into one radio-active wasteland, no one in the REST of the world will miss it."

Israel is the terrorist, but they refuse to acknowledge this. I discovered the term on a study on a Kibbutz while in the Middle East with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). I left Israel after meeting there the most ugly minds in the world. Once, I felt serious sympathy for the Jews, now I see them as a pest on the planet, that we must find a solution for.
What do you call a Jewish man who rapes underage women in foreign countries? A sand nigger.
by kiwi doctor July 27, 2010
A black person who rolls around in the fucking sand but screams "ima SHARK IMA SHARK!"
Man 1: Dude wheres steve?
Man 2: Dude, he took some bad x so now hes bein a sand nigger in the dunes.
Man 1: What the fuck? Jesus christ dude!
Man 2: What?
Sand Nigger: *munch munch munch munch*
by De La Mufifn Crotch May 17, 2009
a person of arab descent
sand nigger's are different then me so i can make fun of them if i want to.... white power
by bozo the lifeguard May 17, 2005
A person of middle-eastern descent. Not commonly used except by extremely racist people trying to show their disgust for them by comparing them to African Americans.
Stupid sand niggers!
by Chadwickston June 22, 2005
muslims from iraq that commit suicide
Look at that sand-nigger he is holding a cooked grenade in his hand.
by Eli R. May 20, 2008
middle east person (irabian) that is like a nigger
osama bin laden is a middle east person (irabian) that is like a nigger
by john beck A.K.A. applesauce May 27, 2005

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