Acutally, I don't know what it means. I don't think anyone does anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost a long time ago
Established by the the Germans in 1904, they called it "San DiAgo", which is German for "A Whale's Vagina".
by Mike Rotch June 21, 2005
AKA "Sacramento by-the-Sea"
Nothing interesting has happened in San Diego since crazy Betty Broderick shot her ex-husband and his new wife in their bed.
by Chatty Chrissy January 28, 2008
In German, roughly translates to "Philip Rivers's vagina."

Pronounced "san dee-ah-go"
LT loves the Chargers because of San Diego.
by Rae-tie January 13, 2008
Best city ever, if you're a clueless Californian sheeple, a rich idiot, or a shallow prick who thinks the only thing that matters in the world is good weather.

Actually the city is pretty cool, you gotta love a town whose entire city council is at risk of going to jail, and whose (recently resigned) mayor was voted one of the country's worst.

I think I know a total of 5 other residents who actually like this place, most people who love SD are tourists who didn't stay long enough to get screwed over.
If you like $500,000 cottages, $3.00/gallon gas, corrupt local government, fascistic homeowners associations and oppressive regulation, San Diego is the place to be.
by C++ August 16, 2005
nice city way too many Mexicans, Asians, and non-whites cool place if you are rich, sucks if you are poor
Linda Vista San Diego aka Viet-Kong
by howdy howdy April 18, 2008
Great place, nice weather. And for the person who said that San Diego has killer weed, they're quite mistaken. It's like a drought there.
This is San Diego. Where can i find some weed N**ga?
by portclassix September 07, 2005
german for "a whale's vagina"
The Germans discovered it in 1904, and they called it "San Diego", which in German means "whale's vagina".
by Boltsky December 14, 2004

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