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The worlds greatest little beach city. Located in North San Diego, is a afluent part of society and is known for wonderful waves and hot babes
Dude, lets go hit the waves in Del Mar, i hear that they are off the richter
by So cal chief March 05, 2004
299 82
An extremely cholo girl. Very latina and sassy.
The other day I was walking in my hood when I saw this del mar girl popping her booty and getting low.
by flakeylake October 06, 2011
12 11
Some thing or Some one who/that is lame and boring like Del Mar a town that has nothing in it.
Hey, We were at that fair last night and it was delmaring it up. Hey Brandon is such a delmar all he wants to do is play with his cat
by Daniel Pewewardy August 12, 2003
29 79