the best city ive been too ever. 60-75 degrees 24/7/52 (weeks a year). sunny every day. everything about it is great.
all of you fucking douchebags who really think it means a whale's vagina because you heard it on tv are wrong. i know vagina in spanish, russian, and german, and none come close to 'san' or 'diego'. i know most of you are kidding though because anchorman is a funny movie
by gspot August 25, 2005
Contrary to the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, San Diego is far from Airhead City, USA. Not all San Diegans are po-dunk locals who have never been anywhere else. And it's true, the city is really one of the better ones out there, despite the lack of San Fran-esque transportation and the similar.

San Diego's good weather attracts lots of tourists, but very few of those outsiders know more than the downtown. We do have funky/ethnic neighborhoods, Old Town places, and the similar. But only locals know about it.
I've lived in San Diego for 8 years, and I've lived many other places. It's the best so far.
by Zyrael July 22, 2004
San Diego is a place with the perfect year-round weather located in Southern California. We don't call it Cali. If you want the surf or snow or desert all in the same day--you've got it here! Home of THE BEST mexican food. NOTHING COMPARES. Home of the infamous marine st beach well known for "womping." The downtown nightlife is pretty good. San Diego is one of the best cities in the nation!!! Home of the Chargers and Padres!! The high school kids all have surf teams that all practice before school, and if you are a San Diego native, about have of your school will go to State. (SDSU)
Person 1: Dude, how was your trip to San Diego?
by SanDiegoLover March 13, 2009
A sunny city located in Southern California.
Known greatly for it's sunny weather year-round, it's beaches, and it's vicinity to Los Angeles.
Such tourist attractions include:
-Sea World
-Seaport Village
-Belmont Park
Although the estate's prices are unbelievably high, some think it's all worth it. Many believe the stereotypes of "So-Cal" of being toned, tanned, and practically living at the beach are what San Diego consists of, when in reality, majority is overweight.

Joe: Hey Mike! Let's hit up those great waves in San Diego next week!
Mike: Hell yeee Joe, then we can kick it in TJ &get our mayjane on =p
by COLLINhitup December 28, 2007
City in the state of California. Known for its perfect weather, funtime amusement parks and such.(1)
It's also referred to as the city of pornography and sex for money, because America's largest Pronography studio is located in this city.(2)
The city is also home of the San Diego Chargers.
European Man: Which place should we visit in California?
European Wife: Let's visit San Diego, I'm planning to have a sunny vacation!

Dude 1: Man, I wanna get laid!!!
Dude 2: Let's go to San Diego. You can f*ck AND earn money at the same time!
by Blackburn June 15, 2007
1) One of the finest cities in California
2) A place where MTV's reality show REAL WORLD: San Diego was filmed.
3) According to Anchorman RON BERGUNDY, in german, it means a WHALE'S VAGINA.
1) hey look its sandiego!
2) hha sandiego
3) the bottlenosed dolphin stuck its nose up san diego.
by crazytalk January 11, 2005
1) Home to the coolest people around
2) home of the best football team, the Chargers!
3) Home of the best baseball team, the Padres.
4) It's better than where you live.
5) Your gay if you don't like it.
San Diego is the best there is no comparison
by ShAdY July 25, 2004
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