fucking pimpest ass city shitty fucker loving city best pimpng place
fuckers paradice is tite as shit...comapares to cancun mexico with lots of naked chix
by jack johnson March 21, 2005
OK, for all you morons out there that actually believe what you heard in a friggin comedy movie (Anchorman) about the name "San Diego" meaning a whale's vagina in germen, here is the real facts, and feel free to prove it to yourselves by going to Wikipedia dot com if you need to.
San Diego was named for a Spanish Catholic Saint by the name of St. Didacus by Spaniard Sebastián Vizcaíno who was sent to map the area in the early 1600's, which was originally discovered by the first European who was Portuguese João Rodrigues Cabrilho, (1499 - 1543), NOT by some German in 1904 for god's sakes, we go back a lot further than the year 1900. Anyone with a IQ higher than 100 and bothered to think about it could figure out the name "San Diego" as well as other major city names in California are Spanish in origin, not German.
Also for all you trash talkers, I'm one of those rare "Natives" that's lived here in San Diego since 1974, and while no city is perfect, San Diego comes reasonably closer to it than all the other cities in the United States. We have near perfect weather, certainly better than any other city in the united states if you judge by looking at the full 12 months of the year. The weather is so nice, that you hardly ever even need to think about it whenever you go outside for whatever you want to do, how many places can say that? It's a great balanced city, with plenty of things to do, but not to big with all the big city problems like Los Angeles with horrible traffic and questionable air quality. Also the earthquakes you hear about here are usually grossly exaggerated, you have a lot more to worry about if you live in Los Angeles or especially San Francisco. We may have a slight 5 second shake that gets your attention but doesn't actually do anything 1-2 times a year, but that's the worst of it. While it does have some of the negative stereotypes of any southern Californian society, try comparing it to any other city in the USA and overall it's easily one of the top 3. The people are friendly, laid back and don't stress or have the work/stress/money mentality of places like New York. The landscape is beautiful, we have awesome beaches, lookout viewing points and mountains with winter sports within a 2 hour drive away. If you have a convertible, you can literally drive with the top down for 11-12 months a year.
The only small drawbacks it has compared to some other places, is that 90% of everything shuts down after 1:30-2:00am, so you east coasters may be a little disappointed here, and obviously people that like snow aren't going to find that here, but you can still drive a couple hours and find it. The job market is a little tough, and real estate is in the top 5 most expensive places in the USA along with a general high cost of living, but that's the same as any nice city in California, and that's only because so many people move and live here. Most everyone that visits unfortunately only sees the downtown or tourist spots which is only 20% of what San Diego is. For visitors I strongly recommend visiting Point Loma, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar and the typical places like the world famous Zoo and Sea World. The best places to see are anything along the coastline starting from Coronado Island/Downtown San Diego then going north for the next 45 miles. Rent a convertible, start driving from the Silver Strand Highway in the south part of Coronado Island and then go across the bridge to Interstate 5 north, then to the Pacific Coast Highway from Downtown San Diego, all the way up to Oceanside and make some great memories and pictures that will have you dreaming of living here someday just like most people that visit, just be ready to spend $550,000 for a 2000 square foot home! You can find condos starting in the $300,000's in good parts of town though.
by SD Native April 27, 2007
1. an awesome city in california
2. a whale's vagina in german, according to Ron Burdundy in 'Anchorman'
3. the nickname of a girl named Cynthia Perez
4. home of the baseball team, the padres
1. i've never visited san diego, but i've heard so many great things about it!
2. apparently, a whale's vagina is also known as san diego.
3. San Diego is one of the most amazing people i know!
4. The San Diego Padres have a decent team this year.
by Omarrr April 24, 2008
America's finest city.

Perfect weather all year round. Great beaches and a nice boardwalk. The girls in San Diego are bred from Barbie-molds, and are not released into public unless they pass the finest standards of female aesthetics.

Mexican food shops at every corner. Home of the divinely inspired California Burrito. A mega monstrosity of carne asada, cheesy, sour creamy, french friezy goodness.

Home of the San Diego Chargers and Padres. You can rag on them for not being the best teams but say all you want. When you live in San Diego where everyday is paradise you have better things to do than practice football.

San Diego is hilly and filled with large valleys. Because of this San Diego is divided into a bunch of "sub-cities" or neighborhoods that have each taken on their own cultural identity - Point Loma, Clairemont, OB, PB, State Area, Hillcrest (our mini San Francisco), Down Town and Mission Valley. The hills make it a bad place for mass-transit systems, and makes it difficult for anyone but natives to find their way around.

Home of 6 large military bases including Miramar where Top Gun was filmed. If you live in San Diego, you know atleast 12 marines/sailors. Maybe it's because of the military presence, but San Diego is a red-city (Republican).

We're capitalist hippies in it's purest form. We drink, we smoke, we chill, we surf, but we love money. We wear flip-flops everywhere, even weddings. Flip flops are appropriate funeral attire so long as they are black.
I died and went to San Diego, but they were full, so I settled for heaven instead.

The San Diego Chargers would make it to the Super Bowl if they didn't spend all their time at the beach instead of practicing.

I went to San Diego and had the best California Burrito anyone has ever had, and saw the hottest girls, and experienced the best weather.
by SaintofSanDiego February 01, 2010
1. Los Angeles's runt little sister
2. Nice weather, nice beaches
3. More rich people than you'll see anywhere else in the western United States
4. You better have a car, because it's impossible to get around without one. Buses are 5 dollars for one ride and they barely go anywhere.
I like San Diego, but I'm nowhere near rich enough to live there.
by whocares123678998765 May 02, 2009
Once a sleepy fishing village and Spanish Mission, San Diego has degenerated into forgetful and unfortunate suburb of the Los Angeles "splurb", that is, the suburban sprawl that grew through Orange County and San Diego like a cancer. Sadly, the "Sun Tax" mentality of local employers offers very little in terms of pay and benefits that one needs to reach the San Diego once-high affordability index, which favors only the huge homeless population as well as those who live 20 people to a small house (e.g. Phillipinos, Mexicans etc) as well as the high number of people living on welfare and Section 8 subsidies. In recent years, the high tide of illegal immigration and the bursting housing bubble has reduced San Diego to a has-been border city where all mortgages are under water, crime is high, drugs (esp crystal meth) are everywhere, auto theft is epidemic, while assault and homicide aren't even news. This is merely a few of the wonderful benefits that come from being Tijuana's closest neighbor. The only one thing San Diego had going was The Chargers, which also have become a laughable member of the NFL. The Chargers have never won a Superbowl ... and never will. Meantime, San Diego remains a wonderful place for terrorists to live undetected.
I used to live in San Diego in the early 1980's. After years of spinning my wheels and working my ass off, I finally gave up on the low pay and slave wages and moved to a real city. Thank God I had enough sense to stay out of real estate there, given the housing meltdown and the bankruptcy of a city that can barely stay above water.
by Frediam September 18, 2011

has killer weed for everyone at this site. has hot beaches and bitches for surfin and screwin. mountains great for mountainboarding, skateparks and hills great for skateboarding, close to snowy mountains for snowboarding, home of a shitty football team and a baseball team i do not watch because baseball barely passes as a sport, has great schools, and is close to mexico, if you ever need to do something not entirely legal. people at my school (mt carmel high school, bitch) have TJ weekeneds, in which they go to tiajuana, get drunk and/or high, and the night usually ends in hookers.

no matter what you do, san diego has something for you, and is truly

the world's finest city.
my city can kick your city's ass
by Johnny Richter February 20, 2005

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