Someone who sweats gravy and bleeds milk.
Damn, Jerry really needs to stop eating brownies and playing kickball. He's acting like a Salty Dog
by Ming the king February 28, 2012
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your all idiots, salty dog is slang for a pirate. salty cause they spend a fair amount of time out at sea - salt water, and dog because they are disrespected criminals and to most decent folk are worth about as much as a dog
arrrrrrrgh me hearties
by salty dog January 30, 2005
The act of having sex with 1 girl and then meeting up with another shortly after (3-5 hours) and having her perform oral on you.
Yeah, suck that SaLtY DoG!!
by Al April 04, 2003
seafarer / pirate
He's been at sea for 2 weeks, what a salty dog!
by olyeh March 13, 2009
The term Saltydog refers to a man who lives in the Canadian maritime provinces and is often employed as a fisherman or some related sea faring position. The term arose quite some time ago among people in the region whom were of Irish or Scottish heritage. In addition, the term dog has been used colloquially in reference to close friends of either sex, in fact, long before it gained popularity, and indeed notoriety among teens and ghetto youth.
"Hey, there's my saltydog! What you say that we head over to the cold beer and wine and pick up a 24, eh."
by Jenny Jet March 20, 2008
A person who has been in the NAVY for longer then three years and has been on at least two deployments.
"Barber has been in the NAVY too long"

"Yeah I know hes one hell of a salty dog"
by The people must KNOW!!! February 12, 2010
saltydog; noun.

1) Fat, bald, pie eating spammer

2) Alleged sex offender
1. "Dude, don't be such a saltydog, leave some pies for us".

2. "Cris you Saltydog, leave those girls alone"
by Nikolas Wipeout May 09, 2005
A certain young male residing in a small city in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. He is defined by his ability to manipulate women and girls. Not only destroying girls mentally but also making them fall in love simultaneoulsy. He is your typical blonde hair, blue eye'd charming triple threat. From his experiences and tales the term SALTED has been been coined in an effort to explain and define what happens to a girl or guy when they are screwed over in any situation. He is dangerous. A true sick beauty.

You cannot salt the Saltydog.
She was "salted" by the Saltydog.
by Saucingoat93 June 23, 2014

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