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N. Fifty-five miles per hour, origins in CB radio slang.
Speed limit comin' up is double nickel, my cornflake friend.
by Digs July 13, 2004
n. truth. British slang derived from Latin. See words verify, veritable, etc.
I'ma give you the vera, mate.
by Digs March 31, 2004
Last name of famous jazz composer and artist, Charlie Mingus.
All of those cans referred to some artist or genre or other thing.
by Digs June 30, 2004
Norse mythology. Odin's great spear, made by Dvalin, who was a dwarf.
What edda was Gungnir first mentioned in, Steve?
by Digs May 18, 2004
Hrunting was mentioned in the Beowulf epic. It was the sword Beowulf took against Grendel's mother, and it was useless.
That Hrunting sure sounds worthless. I'd sell it.
by Digs May 18, 2004
A forty-ounce container of Olde English. May be typed as such.
Goin' to the store, gonna get a fotie.
by Digs August 11, 2004
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