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saltydog; noun.

1) Fat, bald, pie eating spammer

2) Alleged sex offender
1. "Dude, don't be such a saltydog, leave some pies for us".

2. "Cris you Saltydog, leave those girls alone"
by Nikolas Wipeout May 09, 2005
4 8
When your sneakers are worn with no socks on and your feet sweat making them stink like a salty stank dog
Damn son the whole movie theater can smell those salty dogs
by queenspatiofurniture July 13, 2009
2 7
When a women is forced to perform pre-shower oral sex on her partner after a long jog or intense sport activity. The male is sweaty with salt hence the name salty dog.
Jill always loves a good saltydog specially after her boyfriend runs a marathon.
by kingsaltydog January 12, 2012
5 11
The act of defecating into the ocean thereby allowing for salty sea water to gently enter your anus. Local to New York.
"Damn no bathrooms in sight, might have to resort to a salty dog in the Atlantic."

"My asshole is always so sensitive after a salty dog. It's worth it though."
by The Salty Dogster August 14, 2011
20 28
the act of constantly hooking with multiple girls over a long period of time; having sex with an ex-girlfriend
Tony you got Salty yesterday, you are one SALTY DOG
by lazer303 June 23, 2011
18 26
Someone who sweats gravy and bleeds milk.
Damn, Jerry really needs to stop eating brownies and playing kickball. He's acting like a Salty Dog
by Ming the king February 28, 2012
7 16
When someone gives you a blow job when your penis has not been cleaned after the previous use and they look up and complain that it tastes salty, say "ARRR" like a pirate and forcefully pop it back in their mouth, and you have successfully administered the salty dog.
Cue: You taste salty, ewwww!!! (or any variation)
You say: Aye matey, that's me salty dog. ARRR!!!

by JustinOther September 15, 2007
36 47