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any sensational pain either physical or emotional
oh shit, that cut looks salty

you are supposed to be my best friend but dating my girl was real salty
by LexieV January 03, 2011
9 16
When a girl is interested and a guy and he says something that completely turns her off of him.

When you take a compliment given to you by a girl and agree with it but take it as an understatment so you blow out of way out of proportion.

If you get the reaction you want it is smooth, however if you get the opposite reaction it is salty
Girl walks up to a guy and says: "Hey nice shoes"
Guy says: "Ya there real expensive"
Girl says "Ok" and walks away quickly
Friend says to guy: That was so salty

I look over my friend's shoulder to see him sending a text that says "I'm in chem class right now" The reply is "Shouldn't you been paying attention right now?" His reply, "No, I don't need to pay attention cuz I'm really smart." She replys with the dismiss of "cool." I said, "wow dude, that was salty.
by Dong-Say-Ustin October 07, 2009
35 42
Nickname of baseball player Jarrod Saltalamacchia, current record holder for the longest name in Major League baseball history.
Dang, Salty crushed that home run.
by Gerald Laird October 24, 2008
17 24
A term popular among firefighters, to describe a firefighter who is aged and/or very experienced. It also describes a firefighter who is bitter because of his career choice.
One:Hey Captain, who is the SOD guy replacing our engineer.

Two:Oh you mean engineer McGuiness?

One:Damn I hate that salty firefighter. He is so old.

Two:Show him respect he was one of the first to respond to the metro crash.
by MrMiami June 07, 2012
9 17
feeling stupid or dumb, embarrased
Boy: "hey whassup baby"
Girl: "Boy You ugly"
Boy: "Damn i feel salty ass hell"
by Choppssuey October 09, 2011
9 17
To be extreamly expensive but highly desirable
Did you see that dully?

Yea its nice but to gas that up is salty it gets 4 miles to the gallon.
by bonscottz May 08, 2011
5 13
To look embarrassed, feel awkward, or to look stupid.
Teacher: What is 25+25?
*After numerous trys they finally get 50*
Person2:Haha looking salty
by DangerzoneX April 21, 2011
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