Having a lot of attudude. Throwing some serious shade.
Roumina was being real salty yesterday when she was proved wrong.
by SALTYBOY June 18, 2015
Used in the fire department world meaning old fashioned and experienced.
Did you See Vinny At the fire?

Yeah He's Salty...
by Duffowitz November 10, 2013
Adjective to describe your friends who are sassy. Uncontrolled salty people will make you cry.
Dave is so salty! He keeps back-talking.
by RoMaN's WoRd June 24, 2016
When a person takes offense to a simple joke and stays angry throughout the day. One typically gives the silent treatment.
"I can't chill with this man Ben. He gets too salty"
by harvardtrillboy April 14, 2015
1. to be in a bad mood or upset
2. to have beef or an argument with someone
3. a description of taste
1. Jim - don't go talk to sarah

bob - why not?

jim - she's salty

bob - ohhh

2. Sarah - I thought that madisson and taylor were good friends

Jane - Nah they're salty.
3. the salt is salty
by bablebee April 07, 2015
(adj.) Annoyed, and/or pissed.
Douchebag Jock: You still salty about that game last night?

Other Doucherbag Jock: Yea! Villanova should've won. It's total bullshit!
by BigMoneyBigWomenBigFun March 28, 2015
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