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The act of people who attempt to look cool by heaving their bodies around in a rock concert.

Can occur in large groups, in addition to individuals. Usually for people who are socially awkward and want to fit in.

Note: Confronting one of these people about "Throwing" is not advised, as they will yell at you and most defiantly "Throw" on you.

-Sub-Note: An unwanted "Throwing" can lead to serious physical, mental, social, and emotional scarring. Please be advised and prevent this by scaring away the "Thrower" with intelligent conversation doubled with reason.
"Thrower" 1: "Dude, do you wanna go 'Throwing' around with me?!!"
"Thrower" 2: "Dude, lets get naked and 'Throw'."
Sane person: "2+2=4."
Both "Throwers": "AHHHH!!!!!!!"
by Givemedabootangah March 17, 2011
To have a seizure. Same as "throwing a chicken." From the OE for agony, travail.
Get an ambo - a man's on the corner throwing!
by zvacs April 23, 2008
throwing is what you do at a hardcore show, it's they way you express yourself when listening to hardcore music usually done in breakdowns and two steps. when you're at shows you get really hype so throwing is your way to express how hype you are. a lot of people think that throwing is just a flailing of your arms and random kicks and sometimes that is what happens but that's just someone that doesn't know what they're doing. just like any good dancer, anyone who is good at throwing has a plan on what they're going to do. everyone who throws has their own specific style also. in throwing there's certain moves that people do like forwards, backs, windmills, up and overs, spin kicks, butterfly kicks, back kicks, and the occasional cartwheels. often at shows there is crowdkilling which is heaving your body into the crowd or throwing near the wall of the pit to open up space or just for fun. to open up space you can also box out like you do in basketball for a rebound. circle pits and wall of death's aren't hardcore at all, they are for people who aren't talented enough to throw. and if you're really hardcore you will shake your head when the band tells you to start a circle pit or a wall of death and will throw instead. throwing is oftenly confused with moshing, moshing is what happens in push pits and everyone knows that push pits are wack.
"This breakdown makes me feel like throwing!"
by gimmeabreakdown April 10, 2010
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